Success Stories

Client Profiles: Rosa


The Lopez family has been living in the United States for over 20 years and migrated from Mexico to "have more opportunities then back home." Father Jose Lopez has been working with a landscaping corporation and mother Rosa has been a stay at home mom supporting 17 year old Gamali Lopez in his academic studies and love for art.

Gamali has been receiving a variety of different services raging from case management, mentoring, tutoring, college and career development with Legacy LA case manager Carina since January. His priority is to pass classes so he can graduate high school next year to attend college and develop his art skills.

When El Centro de Ayuda first met with Rosa and her son to discuss our academic support programs we learned that her and her husband would benefit in meeting with our immigration specialist Ana.

Ana was able to assist Rosa through the citizenship application process as ell as renewal Jose's green card so he can continue to legally work for the next ten years and financially support his family.

Rosa has submitted her citizenship application, is attending citizenship classes and receiving support from Ana with class homework and study guides to prepare her for the citizenship test. Its projected that by the end of the year Rosa will be a U.S. Citizen.