Community Highlights

Ways to Celebrate


HCID provided our Youth Leadership Council with tickets to the Sparks Game. For most of the students, it was their first time at the Staple Center as well as a basketball game. We arrived early to walk around the center and as we entered to see the court our youth group simultaneously mumbled "wow" which reverbed throughout the silent stadium, amazed at how huge it was.

We had very timid girls who lite up when they saw how powerful the women were on the court. It was a reinforcement for some of the girls who had just completed our Leadership Program that are reflecting on their own potential to feel an entire arena cheering for these amazing female athletes. We also had a couple of young men who were especially impressed because they had never been to the Staples center for a women's basketball game and they left with a huge impression of how amazing the female athletes were.

It was an amazing opportunity for the young women to see how fearless the basketball players were, and an eye opening experience for some of our males who left knowing that women can play as hard as males can.